About this place...

Hi, I'm Ilina!

My team and I developed Lucky Diary in 2013. Our aim was
to create a beautiful web place that lets you write in private
while inspiring you with positive questions every day.

Lucky Diary asks inspiring questions daily

"Quality questions create a quality life." - Anthony Robbins

Questions direct our focus, and what we focus on affects how we feel. How we feel affects the actions we take. I believe that when we focus on thoughts that are positive and constructive, we build the emotional power to create the life we want.

What users say:

"It's easy to use and super pretty!" - Monika S.

"I love it - it's absolutely fantastic! The questions give me a lot of food for thought." - Valentina B.

Why "Lucky"?

I chose the name "Lucky" as a reminder that we are all lucky to be here. I believe that life is a gift and each moment is precious. Each day is a page in our own unique story of life - and we are the writers.

About Me

I'm a web designer with a passion for beautiful interfaces and positive psychology. What excites me the most is creating personal web tools that can help us live in alignment with what's good for us. I live in New York and when not working on a web app with my programmers I love to shoot photos for book covers, write songs, rollerblade in the park, and spend time with my family and friends. Connect with me: Twitter | Pinterest | Dribbble | Website

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